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Acciona, S.A. (Spanish pronunciation: [akˈθjona]) is a Spanish conglomerate dedicated to the development and management of infrastructure (construction, water, industrial and services) and renewable energy.

An employee mentioned, "Acciona is only recommended if you are comfortable working long hours and like quick changes, and short deadlines."


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"The company would rather send over someone from Spain to fill a role than to hire or promote an American employee. Even the CEO of Acciona US is a Spanish person. It is used as a stepping stone to other jobs within the company in Spain. There is a terribly toxic company culture here that is no doubt a product of its Spanish influence. On my last day with the company, my former manager did not even shake my hand. I recently witnessed the director of HR telling an employee on their last day "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" after ridiculing them for 15 minutes about why they were leaving. That was the most unprofessional thing I have ever witnessed. On top of these issues, the pay is very low, the schedule is terrible, they have the bare minimum amount of people to operate, and the office in Spain controls all aspects of the NA side of the company. I cannot stress it enough, this is a toxic company that has no interest in promoting it's American employees."


"They will fire you for no reason"


"Too many negatives to list - would not recommend"

Current Employee - Technician says

"Highly bullying culture Very unprofessional team Chaotic Poor SLT and zero vision"

Former Employee - Accountant says

"the decision made is very delay"

Current Employee - Passenger Service Agent says

"Most supervisors are arrogant, who seek for the guilty and not for solutions, shift changes without consent, pathetic transportation, SHARED LOCKERS, tiny lunch area, capacity planning doesn't even know about the available perssonel, not a single perk/benefit whatsoever. ... No wonder its employees were nearly on a labour strike."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Current projects are all losing money, so time to rearrange the chairs on the Titanic because that always works....doesn't it?"

Former Employee - Project Engineer says

"All the good ones leave, toxic environment, bullying,many people want to quit and actually do, expects everything and gives nothing. If you like to be used and have no life, then apply for a job at Acciona."

Former Employee - Manager says

"- Don't value their non- Spanish people -Ignore local expertise/resources - Bring lots of people from Spain (even on clerical positions) -Reputation on the market is really bad (subcontractors always complain about bid shopping and many don't even want to send them prices) - Place inexperienced people in key functions - Very unprofitable, promised bonus on the offer, but this never happened (Don't count on their bonus) - Looses all good people, and has a very high turn around - No strong presence in Canada, which means that when the job is finished, you're done! Unless you're Spanish of course"

Former Employee - Architect says

"Bad salaries, bad working conditions and terrible company management"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Site management have created a very toxic culture at the East Rockingham Resource Recovery Facility. Management are highly dysfunctional, often undermined each other, have very poor communication and planning skills and an aggressive leadership style. They blame others for their mistakes and take no responsibility for their actions. People should only work here if really desperate for a job.NoneMany"

Hjjk (Former Employee) says

"They issue appointment from Acciona and after resigning ur current company they will send visa of other company . They will not also pay what they agreed in ur appointment order."

Operario de producción (Former Employee) says

"Pura basura de empresa, si pudieran no pagarte, lo harian, es más, siempre te falta algoNingunoTodos"

Limpiadora (Former Employee) says

"Me llamaron para una entrevista de limpieza, al mes me volvieron a llamar para una sustitución de un mes y luego nada. No me dieron más oportunidades aunque tengo suficiente experiencia y formación, no se que querrán.Ya no me apunto a ninguna oferta suya porque me descartan y eso que donde limpié estaban contentos conmigo pero ellos no eran los que contrataban. ."

Especialista (Former Employee) says

"Minima,muchísimo trabajo y no te ayuda nadie,aunque te prometen de todo. Al final des mes tienes que estar muy atento con la nómina porque siempre te falta dinero. Muy malos pagadores."

House keeper (Current Employee) says

"Illatracy among the board Over crowding in accommodations Too much time spent on the way from work to the accommodation The leaders dont react the stuff"

Operario cadena de producción (Former Employee) says

"Fatal, mucho trabajo y en cadena, por lo que no pouedes parar ni en los descansos estipulados, el trabajo que empieza haciendo 5 person"

Limpieza alimentaria industrial (Former Employee) says

"Con mucho desgusto nunca hecido trata tan mal por ninguno refes como estos no valoran a nadie e cido tratada como perro una senhorita me grito creo que pensava que yo no escuchava bien pero yo la respondi como ella lo mereció"

fabricación de palas de molinos eólicos (Former Employee) says

"Hay un ambiente de trabajo regular, mucha competitividad y aveces poco compañerismo, los responsables te tratan bien pero exigen demasiadoEl sueldoExceso de trabajo"

Housekeeping Manager (Former Employee) says

"Totalmente cerrados a cualquier tipo de entendimiento o negociación, sólo daban órdenes. Muchas horas de trabajo y mucha exigencia por un sueldo irrisorio. La comunicación era nula, la formación inexistente.Pagaban en la fecha debidaTodo lo demás"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Das "Management" ist hoffnungslos überfordert und das spiegelt sich in der ganzen Firma wieder. Auf Anfragen z.B. Zeugniss oder Zwischenzeugniss wird nicht reagiert, man wird täglich gefragt ob man Überstunden machen kann, selbst im Urlaub wird man angerufen . Wer sich darauf einlässt arbeitet 16,18 ,20 Tage ohne einen freien Tag dazwischen. Man wird belogen, dass man nach 10 Stunden 30 Minuten Arbeitszeit ausstechen und die restliche Zeit auf einem "Überstundenzettel" notieren muss - "damit man nicht illegal wird!" Man kann keine Pause machen, da einfach keine Ablöse da ist. Die Firma wurde von WISAG übernommen aber verbessert hat sich nichts. Die Firma ist eine komplette Katastrophe.KeineSchlechte bezahlung, täglich Überstunden, ein untätiger BR"

Ninguno (Current Employee) says

"El puesto consiste en poner, levantar o mover las maletas de los pasajeros que desembarcan del crucero y luego embarcar las maletas de los pasajeros de embarqueSi no hay clientes, no hay maletas y no haces nadaLa gente viene en masa y se acumula la faena"

Conserje (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente de trabajo, por lo menos en mi sección no ha sido nada bueno.ningunotodos"

Camarera de pisos (Former Employee) says

"Muxa carga de trabajo y no valoracion y cuando necesitas ayuda de una compañera no re la ofrecenSeguros medicosSeguro de empleada"

operario carritos y limpieza (Former Employee) says

"empresa con precarizacion laboral y bajos sueldos a trabajadoresseguridad de cobrarsueldo bajo"

Night Crew (Former Employee) says

"The management sucks the company sucks the wage is good but that they cant train ? And they dont care about stuff at all and they need a better management staff that will take care the employee side instead of their management staff .Nice poepleThey dont know what they lose"

Housekeeper (Current Employee) says

"Managers are highly unprofessional and does not treat employees with dignity. They make up useless rules that doesn't help the company perform better. Don't work here unless you want unfair employee treatment.NonePoor Management"

Trabajos como carretillero (Former Employee) says

"tareas a desarrollar sin la maquinaria necesaria, contratado como carretillero y sin haber carretillahorariotodo"

Site Electrical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good organization to work with. Am leaving only because of nearing completion of project. I fount the people friendly and enterprising."

mantenimiento en red de liberbank (Current Employee) says

"discriminación de empleados , con la palabra tu sabras lo que haces, no pagan horas extrasque nadie esta pendiente de tu jornada laboralponer dinero para compra de materiales tuyo"

crypto nemanja says

"their twitter account is made of 90% fake followers ? when i asked them they banned me from twitter and telegram."

ICO Analyzer says

"Investors been banned from telegram channels who asked technical questions, complained lack of communication and asking question about missing airdrop. Also, Helbiz delete the conversations from banned investors. If HBZ ban investors whoever make comment or complaint it sounds like SCAM not genuine project. Report to SEC, FTC, IC3"

Mats Söderhäll says

"This is a company that sends spam and does not tell from where they have bought my personal data."

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